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Our company is a professional supplier of high quality textiles for hotels, restaurants and healthcare facilities.

Since 1990, we make all kinds of window decorations. We offer a wide range of decorative fabrics from light to special flame retardant curtains blackout curtains blackout curtains so used objects. Also sew textile supplier. Not only sew curtains, but also we provide you with the choice of fabrics and various types of decoration. Our specially trained teams perform measurements on site at the facility. Then decorations are sewn in our sewing room, then made a montage of ordered products. Sewing curtains made for us is a popular activity carried out for hotels, restaurants, spas. Furthermore, we specialize in making blinds, very tasteful and sought after in the market. We offer sheets, also sewn on miarÄ™- sheets, blankets and pillows and duvets and pillows manufactured by SE-DA. Clung to the sheet evenly into the mattress, it must be as tight as possible. Our sheets are made of durable materials and thus can be used in a long time. We also offer all kinds of products from clothing tablecloths, linen and bathroom. Our bathrobes, towels, slippers and bath mats satisfy every customer. This makes us a competent partner in all areas of textile equipment. If you plan to standard room to a new or newly renovated building to, our engineer will come to your place and will present our collections of fabrics and advise the appropriate type of decoration.